Human Resources Software

Human Resources Software

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QuickBooks Time Review

QuickBooks Time

✅Free trial

✔️Employee Onboarding

✔️Payroll Management

✔️Employee Database

✔️Vacation/Leave Tracking

✔️Resource Management

✔️Self Service Portal

✔️Billing & Invoicing

In one location, you can schedule jobs, manage teams, keep track of time, and monitor projects.

Gusto Features


✅Free trial

✔️Employee Benefits Administration

✔️Document Management

✔️HSA/FSA Administration

✔️Life Insurance Administration

✔️ACA Reporting

✔️Benefits Dashboard

✔️Employee Profiles

Gusto is the all-in-one HR platform for expanding businesses—a single location to recruit, compensate, insure, and oversee your devoted workforce. Overview

✅Free trial

✅Free version

✔️Budget Tracking/Job Costing

✔️Capacity Management

✔️Business Process Control

✔️Change Management

✔️Bid Management

✔️Change Order Management

✔️Dependency Tracking

A collaborative tool called enables HR managers to oversee the complete employee lifecycle in one location. Plan team-building exercises to involve current employees, keep track of all candidates' recruiting progress at a glance, onboard new hires using pre-made templates, and make use of data-driven insights with analytics integrated into your everyday workflows. Last but not least, combine with Gmail and more than 40 applications you already use to simply add the platform to your present processes.

Paycor Overview


✅Free trial

✔️Recruitment Management

✔️Performance Management

✔️Training Management

✔️360 Degree Feedback

✔️Payroll Management

✔️Wage Garnishment

✔️Employee Database


Utilizing a user-friendly interface, streamline HR and payroll procedures and gain quick access to employee data.

BambooHR Overview


✅Free trial

✔️Process/Workflow Automation

✔️Billable & Non-Billable Hours

✔️Vacation/Leave Tracking

✔️Document Management

✔️Job Description Management

✔️Careers Page

✔️Direct Deposit

An award-winning, all-in-one HR platform called BambooHR was created for small and medium-sized enterprises and the employees that work there, like you. BambooHR makes it simple to gather, analyse, and report on people data, enhance talent acquisition, onboard new hires, manage compensation, and create a positive workplace culture. It's intended to free you up to concentrate on what's most important, which is developing your team, enhancing the employee experience, and moving your organisation ahead.