Angel Kuang

Ms. Kuang's impressive journey in education began as a vocational school teacher in China in 1997. In pursuit of higher learning, she immigrated to Canada in 2001 to attend graduate school at Lakehead University. Combining her Canadian tutoring experiences and her innovative East meets West methodology, Ms. Kuang launched the first Inspiration learning center in Scarborough in September 2003. Under her visionary leadership, Inspiration has flourished, establishing itself as a prominent leader in the after-school supplementary industry and evolving into an award-winning franchise system. In recognition of her exceptional contributions, Ms. Kuang was honored as the Champion of Diversity by both the Ontario government and the Canadian Franchise Association in 2019. Moreover, under her guidance, Inspiration consistently secured the grand prize of awards of excellence from the Canadian Franchise Association. As a pioneer in the East meets West teaching philosophy, Ms. Kuang continues to inspire and lead the way towards empowering students with a holistic and dynamic approach to education. With Inspiration at the forefront of educational excellence, we are driven by Ms. Kuang's unwavering dedication to shaping brighter futures through the power of knowledge.

Best Skills

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B Sci.; M.A

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