Hanna Li

Hanna’s academic journey commenced with a Bachelor's in French Journalism and Broadcasting from Nanguang College of China Communication University, complemented by a transformative exchange program at Basse-Normandie University, France. Fueling her love for exploration and learning, she ventured further and earned a second Bachelor's in Computer Science from Bishop's University. As an enthusiastic and approachable individual, Hana proves to be a valuable asset to the Inspiration team. Her unique perspective and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact are a true inspiration to us all. With Hana on board, our collective journey is destined to be one of brilliance and transformation.

Best Skills

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    Skills & Experience

    Hanna’s diverse academic background, from French Journalism to Computer Science, enriches her role at Inspiration. Her approachability and commitment contribute to the team, ensuring a journey of collective brilliance and positive transformation. She supports franchises with her unique skills and perspective.