Aso Moloudi

Meet Kazem Moloudi, a seasoned marketing professional with a specialized focus on digital strategies. Holding a Digital Marketing Specialist degree from Toronto School of Management and backed by over 15 years in marketing, including 4 years in the digital realm, Kazem plays a pivotal role in supporting franchises. His expertise translates into tangible support for our franchises, offering valuable insights to enhance their digital presence. From optimizing the Inspiration Learning website to devising effective social media strategies, Kazem's guidance is instrumental. His track record of elevating franchises' online visibility through content creation, captivating landing pages, and strategic ad campaigns across platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok underscores his value as an indispensable asset within the Inspiration Learning Center team.

Best Skills

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    Skills & Experience

    Kazem Moloudi, a seasoned marketer with 15+ years experience, specializes in digital strategies. Supporting franchises, he enhances online presence through content creation, engaging pages, and strategic ad campaigns.